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When it comes to radon testing, Safe Home Radon believes in educating clients; before we even book your inspection, we take the time to explain what we’re doing and why. We let you know how our process works, why testing is important, and the steps required to prepare your home for accurate testing. 

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 Same-Day Radon Testing Results
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Scheduling Your Appointment

After we’ve explained our radon testing process, we will book an appointment for your inspection. First, we’ll confirm we have all the details correct, including your name and address. Then, we’ll schedule the appointment at a time that works best for you, taking special care to confirm the date and time. We’ll go over pricing and the payment process, collect your contact information, and complete all other due diligence as necessary. While we have you on the phone, we’ll book you on the calendar to ensure your appointment is locked in. 

For your convenience, we’ll even send out a reminder when it’s close to the timeframe we’ve agreed upon, so you’ll never have to wonder when we’ll be showing up.

The Day of the Appointment

At Safe Home Radon, we believe that our radon testing should be thorough and efficient. On the day of your radon testing service, we will:

  1. Show up on Time
  2. Execute the Setup
  3. Follow the EPA Protocols, Mandate, & All of the Requirements That Are Associated
  4. Communicate Exactly What’s Being Done
  5. Communicate the Timeline Processes
  6. Communicate the Testing Process
  7. Answer Any Questions You May Have

Timeline processes can vary depending on whether the testing is for an upcoming real estate transaction, but we will explain all of that to you, as well as provide additional information about the importance of radon testing. If you have any questions about the equipment we set up, we’ll be happy to answer them. It’s our goal to ensure you understand our process as thoroughly as possible.

Retrieving the Test & Same-Day Reporting

We will keep you in the loop about the status of our work and the state of your home. During close-out, we will schedule a time for us to pick up our equipment. We will arrive on time, collect the test, and leave your home exactly as we found it. To avoid holding up real estate closings, we execute accurate and complete reporting on the day we retrieve the test, providing our findings in a timely fashion.


After providing our report, we will answer any outstanding questions you have. If we detect high levels of radon in your home, we will provide at least three referrals for radon mitigation solutions. Following your radon mitigation treatment with one of our referrals, we encourage you to invite us back out to test your property again to ensure the treatment was effective.

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With Safe Home Radon, your future will always be in capable hands. From explaining the radon testing process to delivering our results and answering questions, we promise responsive, transparent communication.

Serving clients within a 40-mile radius of Palatine, IL, we look forward to working with you.

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